Booking System mobile app

Booking System mobile app for Android and iOS to manage on-line reservations.


Booking System mobile app is for administrator and the staff members only. With Booking System mobile app the administrator and shop staff members can perform the following tasks:


– Control the reservations of the shop
– Add new reservations
– Edit existing reservations
– Receive push notifications on incoming new reservations


Administrator or the staff member need to enter the name of the website

( ex.


Then the username and passwords of their account on that website.

Upcoming reservations

Displays the upcoming “Confirmed”, “Paid” or “Pay later” reservations.


You can filter these upcoming reservations by time range.

Reservation calendar

Here you have a calendar where you can check the reservations by date.

Booking details

From this screen you can see all the details of a reservation and you can also perform these tasks:


  • Send an SMS to the customer
  • Call the customer
  • Edit the current reservation

Add new reservation

In this tab you can add a new reservation for existing users or brand new customers.



As the App is used by administrators and staff members new reservations can be created overriding the existing booking rules and the current availability. When user choose a not available date or time the App will inform the user with a message.

At the same way when the user select a not available Assistant or Service these ones will be displayed in orange.

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